Peter Michael Winery
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Classical Winemaking

Under the direction of winemaker Nicolas Morlet, all Peter Michael wines are made using a non-interventionist, neo-classical approach. This relies on traditional, hands-on winemaking methods blended with the best of modern technology. With few exceptions, the wines are not fined or filtered. Traditional winemaking techniques such as French oak aging, a weekly “bâtonnage” (stirring while in barrel) and native fermentations are supplemented by new traditions like the hand sorting system we designed to ensure that only perfect berries make it into the wine press.

Vineyard locations

The wines are never acidulated and feature the bright natural acidity produced by our cool climate vineyard locations.


All wines are gently fermented using only indigenous yeasts. Similarly, malolactic fermentation is accomplished with indigenous cultures.

White fruit

White fruit is hand sorted at the whole cluster level before gentle pressing.

Red fruit

Red fruit is sorted three times, first by hand at the cluster level. The fruit is then destemmed and sorted twice more. Once by a special sorting device, "Le Trieur", developed in part here at Peter Michael, and finally by hand again at the individual berry level.

Red wines

Red wines undergo alcoholic fermention in tanks before being transferred to barrels for malolactic fermentation and aging. Only French oak barrels from the finest coopers are used.

Coho Run

White wines are barrel fermented and aged on the lees with generous use of bâtonnage: stirring in the barrel.

Frothing barrel and Vineyard photos by Olaf Beckman Grape processing photos by MJ Wickham