Peter Michael Winery
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Land Stewardship

We are committed to tending the mountain, soil, and water as diligently and carefully as we tend our vines. Over 60% of our estate land is set aside as wildlife preserve. The 40% planted to vineyards is farmed sustainably, which includes fish-friendly farming, land conservation, erosion control, integrated pest management, and pro-active environmental compliance. Sir Peter Michael's philosophy is to "live like you're going to die tomorrow; farm like you're going to live forever." This guidance is demonstrated in our everyday actions and embodied in our wines.


The Michael family planted nearly 10,000 firs and redwoods to repair the logged slopes and riparian corridor in Knights Valley. At Seaview, 92% of the estate is preserved in its natural state as redwood or oak forests and grassy meadows.


Channeling storm runoff into an extensive drainage system further protects the land from erosion. Catch basins allow the runoff to settle before it flows to the creek. Our own ponds save rainwaterwater for irrigation and fire prevention. Native vegetation along the creek preserves the cold water temperatures required by Coho and Steelhead, and serves as a final barrier to sedimentation.

Cover Crop

A cover crop planted between vine rows prevents erosion and aids in insect control, first by providing habitat that is more attractive to potentially destructive insects than the grape vines, and second by attracting desirable (beneficial) insect species.

Coho Run

PMW is certified by Fish Friendly Farming for preserving a healthy watershed for endangered salmon and steelhead.

Salmon run photo by Bill Vyenielo
All other photos by Olaf Beckman