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Javier Aviña – Vineyard Manager

Javier Aviña – Vineyard Manager

Photo by Donna Reid

Born in Patzimaro de Aviña in the Mexican State of Michoacan, Javier has worked his entire life in agriculture. As a teenager, he began working with his brother on sugar beet and tomato farms in the Central Valley. When his brother decided to move north in 1977, Javier followed him to the Napa Valley. In 1981 Javier worked at Robert Mondavi Winery where a supervisor recognized his talent and helped develop it. His experience there, and later at Monticello Cellars, brought him to Peter Michael Winery in 1991 as vineyard manager.

Quietly working out of the limelight, Javier supervises a crew of 25 to 50, depending on the season. He has been an essential force responsible for the quality of fruit grown on the three estate owned vineyards. This fruit is a critical component of the reputation of the wines at Peter Michael. The foundation to growing great fruit is in the terroir and in the farming of the vines. With over 33 years in viticulture, and two decades at Peter Michael Winery, Javier makes it happen in the vineyard. Our winemakers rely on his passion for excellence and his keen understanding of the vines, soil, water, and the men he supervises to deliver the quality of the fruit they desire.

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